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Bottle of Aetherblade Cannon Energy bugged - Can't advance Bolt III: Zap Collection

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I did the Mai Trin fractal tonight. One of the collection items for Bolt III: Zap is collected there - Bottle of Aetherblade Cannon Energy. Supposedly, you just need to activate the capacitive bottle first and then get hit by one of Horrik's lightning attacks. I did that several times during the fight. Each time I got hit, I saw the bottle effect on my stat bar get removed, but the pop-up notice for the collection never occurred, and the collection shows that it is still missing.

Note that I lost my original capacitive bottle due to a bug in the Thaumanova Reactor, and I ended up replacing it with one purchased from the TP. I have no idea if that may be related to this bug. In any case, this bug will prevent my completion of the Bolt III: Zap collection.

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