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New Guild Ooooooooh NOOOO!

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Hello everyone this is gonna be about guilds but not really looking for one but when I found some that were just starting off sadly, people had started putting comments in the world map I thought nothing of it only when I had gotten invited to this guild they explained they were new and had no guild hall or anything it was cool I was willing to help I high enough to pvp or raid ect and thought it would be fun to pass the time helping novice, only problem was it wasn't fun at all the person leading the guild him/her had no idea what they were doing and told everyone they had been running guilds for 10-15 years easy but they had no people that were mastery levels or even 40+ they were all new and problems started to get bigger when they were getting ahead of them self's and jumping into doing guild events without having anything well organized it was a miss people were leaving the guild or party and going off doing nothings on his or her own there was no real leadership at all going on at the moment. So when we were meant to put on a event we didn't have enough people they all said ok hold on we gonna get people or try to find some more but it never happened they waited and I also posted in Map chat that we were looking and if anyone was interested to come but I guess the leader didn't like it so I got spoken to about it and told him/her in whisper that everything was extremely disorganized and we couldn't do a event this way plus we didn't have the people to a high enough level so no man power we would of all died trying to do the event for the guild even. They went on to tell me I should become a mentor and I said no that is not my job but it is kind of the guild leaders to try and have people aside who he/she knows will help for pvp,raids or event just guild stuff I like to call them right hand men who are loyal and reliable in helping with the guilds best interest in mind not his/her own and besides all that people shouldn't be jumping off and trying to do to many things at once when starting a guild when there is no order too or any right hand men no second commands or even officers it create problems when there is (no organization) going on and I did try to tell the person but then they got pissed off they were older than me about almost 20-30+ years and didn't wanna seem to wanna take constructive criticism but went onto put in the guild message board they been playing for years ect all the stuff they told me and like him or her was trying to make some kind of point that they knew everything about MMO'S needless to say I never stayed in the guild I left that same day I joined I didn't like the attitudes. I could not be in a guild who wasn't willing to hear people out and kept losing more people than they could keep, it was a mess I really hope they do well and learn from past mistakes I wish them the best but they may not wanna next time for future reference try to act like they were smarter than every person in the guild just because they were older and treat people like they know nothing and your a book of knowledge that must have respect, look I under it hard running a guild and getting started but there is a right and a wrong way to go about things and also of how you should treat memebers.

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