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Sitting Patch

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I saw this sitting thing a while ago (I'm not sure in reddit or here) and it had like 2 votes! and we have sitting in OVER 2000 places? thanks anet! Leather drop rate wasn't the issue, sitting was the really really really main issue specially second one after jumping over fences! Sometimes I get surprised, I can jump twice the height of my asura over stuff and then my Norn gets stuck behind a small box on the floor and can run indefinitely in place.

Then I saw this in patch notes:

  • Gliders and mounts are no longer allowed in the Collapsed Observatory.
  • After several complaints from the grawl guarding Magellan's Memento, mounts are no longer allowed in the ice caves south of Arundon Vale.
  • Mounts are no longer allowed around Morgan's Leap or in the Dreamdark Enclave.
  • Adjusted the area around Spelunker's Delve that disables mounts.

Some of them I don't even know where they are. But for sure one thing I know very clearly! there are more areas in open world that I cannot ride my mount and will dismount me for no obvious reason.

I'm looking forward for the day that I see in patch notes

  • Removed all jumping puzzles from open world and put them in a super duper adventure box so players interested in jumping go there and jump and jump until all their food consumable splat all over floor! This adventure box is available for purchase from Black lion for 24000 gems in installments of 1000 gem per month for next 24 months.

Also kitten! kitten! kitten and kitten! and no it is not censored! I wrote those kittens myself. my kittens are already insulted by the way how anet is using their race to censor stuff and asking me to ban the game! I suggest using some other race for it like charr!

Oh! One more thing! I hope there are 5 mastery points, 21 new achievements and 15 hero points added for sitting in that many chairs and your back survive from doing that many situps

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