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Make weapon set part of PvP build please? Or "fix" the weapon vendor in the Mists?


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It's annoying

  • having to buy throwaway weapons for your PvP build,
  • which you need to swap between PvP and PvE, taking up space in your inventory,
  • which you might accidentally "salvage all" while playing PvE with those weapons in your inventory.

So IMO it would be really great if in the PvP build panel you could just click on your weapon slots and select any weapon that you don't really have, just like with the Rune and Amulet.

Related issue: why the heck does the vendor in Heart of the Mists sell you level 80 Zerker weapons, when a level 1 weapon with no buffs has the same effect in PvP? Just makes you waste a few silver or force you to go to LA and find some standard weapon's vendor.

Edit: I just noticed that standard weapon vendors seem tied to your level? I can't find one anywhere that sells level 1 weapons right now, so as a level 80 I'm forced to spend those few silver, or I guess I could try the TP... One way or another, it's annoying, and I guess making the weapon set part of the PvP build would solve the problem from the root and eliminate the need for a weapon vendor in the Mists entirely.

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