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field of view way too small, can't zoom out

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anyone else having problems with the camera's field of view since the update? I usually keep it zoomed all the way out when I play but now even with the slider all the way to the right, the camera is right on top of my character. and if I slide it all the way to the left, I get a really nice full-screen close-up of my character's butt. I've tried every possible combination of camera settings and none of them will let me expand the field of view any more. I also tried uninstalling and starting again fresh, and that did nothing.

I had an issue once before where the camera would sometime zoom all the way into first-person pov during combat (which was extremely annoying,) but uninstalling and reinstalling fixed that. this time it did nothing for me.

might just be a coincidence that it started just yesterday, bc I hadn't played for a week or two before the update, but I haven't changed any settings on my computer or the game at all lately. any ideas?

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