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Returning Player, Question.

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In Vanilla i played A LOT of WvW, mostly solo, but some times with a couple friends.I played Thief, D/D and D/P. As i remember it was very strong and i easily beat 2-3 opponents at once.While also being able to get out of most dangerous situations.Is this still the case in PoF?

In HoT i played some solo PvE casually as Daredevil and Ranger.Didnt play much PvP/WvW, so i cant say much about that.As i remember, PvE as Thief was painful. While Ranger was super easy.But... the older i get, the lazier i become, in the games i play.So i loved how chill and easy Longbow ranger was.I barely pressed any buttons at all, and i was rarely in harms way.Are things still like that?

Now i've bought PoFI'm playing solo and ocasionally with a couple friends.I want a class that is good in WvW, solo roaming or 2-3 party roaming.I wanna be good in 1v1, and be able to escape when the odds are bad. Like my Vanilla D/D Berserker Thief god.

Which class would you suggest for that?I have all classes to 80 so dont worry about that.But lets not consider Elementalist and Engineer, as i'm old and lazy now, i dont like "playing the piano" any more.

Thanks for your time and for any help.

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Nobody plays anything vanilla in WvW. You can pick either Daredevil or Deadeye, they both good for solo roaming and small group and improve over vanilla thief. Other variants are: Mirage, Spellbreaker, Soulbeast, Weaver...

But each of these require learning to play first. None of them are "easy" to play and do not include "press 1 and enemy is dead" anymore. And if you mess up, you die, a lot. All of them have now the extra mechanics, like ele and engi had in old days, so you have to "play the piano" if you want to roam. Pretty much every class now does twice the damage so timing is everything and most fights are over very quickly.

Being old and lazy myself, I don't roam anymore cause I do not find it fun. Most enemies have been doing it for last 6 years on daily basis and their skills are just way-way-way above anything a casual player can achieve. And tbh, I do not have time or interest enough, not to mention my reaction times will never be comparable to someone 40 years younger. Sadly, the game still pushes into same direction with every update - faster, faster, faster, more damage, more damage, more damage.

But still, good luck and enjoy :)

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