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You can now hide gloves on outfits

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@Illconceived Was Na.9781 said:Update: depends on the outfit. Works on Riding Clothes, Executioner's, Cook's, and Hexed.Doesn't work on Common, Royal Guard, Ancestral, Mad Scientist, Awakened Zealout.

(I don't have any others I can check easily.)

Also works with Pirate Captain's Outfit and Mad King's Outfit, which is utterly hilarious on charr. (I don't own the latter, the preview is just VERY obvious).

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@Wolfheart.7483 said:Thanks for the info everyone. The one I noticed it on was the fancy winter outfit. I guess I had never noticed/realized that some outfits could hide gloves. I tested on some others and saw that some could and some couldn't. My mistake.

Well, yes & no. Apparently a lot of us never realized that this was an option for any outfits at all. You've done a good deed publicizing a feature (even if it wasn't the one you thought you were mentioning ;) ).

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Still waiting for the day I can show outfit helmets on normal armor, or normal helmets on outfit, or mix’n’match helmets from different outfits.And don’t see ‘muh sets’ because the helmets are already pretty disconnected from the outfits otherwise they couldn’t be hidden seperately.

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