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Scourge is very OP


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@Itz Jay.8941 said:

@DeadlySynz.3471 said:Well I suppose if you actually played necro, then you'd know exactly how vulnerable you are to ranged classes.. to the point it's laughable.

Not this argument again...

LOL you said it, not again!! Forget balancing let's all just play longbow rangers and cry about reflection and mobility instead xD JK

You can trait it to ignore block, since Anet treats reflection as block will bypass it, it was one of the reason i stoped playing guardian, when u drop WoR in front of your ally that is going to be spiked by rangers and all range skills go unblockable trough WoR...... and Shield 5...u know your class is now useless and Anet want u to buy PoF lame stuff.

Still vs scourges is, Anet removed LoS from scourge (wich was a dumb action), scourge and play in range if u know how to play scourge, barrier helps, and in WvW.... how many ranger would have to be to kill 20-30 scoruges per zerg??? with lots of mobility and barrier and boons etc etc...

Scourge has to much when they stack that reach extreme broken levels and show how Anet devs are a bunch of lamers, but since this is a game for noobs where they need alot of help to kill targets form broken classesto look kewl, maybe the class is well made @Anet dev's eyes.

Scourge needs to loose something... Cd increase does nothing it only makes zerg add more scourges and have more aoe and barrier, and now that ANet removed line of sight for scourge... it is stupid not be playing that class if u own PoF.

ANd the to Anet guy that will ban me from forum again, hammer rev and other classes have the same issue that scourge has with obstructed targets when theres nothing obstructing why dont u apply same patch of remove LoS from scourge to all classes as well since it was done to scourge?

Yeah it's kinda ridiculous. I don't want to hate on anet, but I have got to say scourge was really poorly designed. The sand savant trait should not exist, it should have a supportive trait in its place. The shade ability should also have a clearly visual cast time, so we have some counterplay to fighting scourges melee. Its just to offensive at the moment, needs reworking massively, imo it's not something that can be done by changing a couple of traits. It's funny people are saying scourge isn't OP, but I did my placement games today and 10 out of 10 games had 2 necros on both my team and the enemy team, says a thousand words to me.

It kinda feels Anet is forcing WvW be mostly courge and fb's stacking to help the bad players/casuals, cause it is easy to play, tons of spam and surviability, bad design is intended in a way to help those kind of players wich i hate what Anet is really doing to make players feel confortable with aeo barrier, aeo range and close spam, aoe boon and heals etc etc.

Everythign results in massice cleave/aoe spam... cause noobs and extreme casuals need it to feel strong.No wonder gw2 is known to be one of the worst and more lamest pvp mmo's(reason it failed at esl level...), just look at the classes/skills, and some skills validations like unblockakes bypassing abosrtion and reflects, while there should exist skills to bypass alone abosrdtion or punish people, and other avoid reflection or as well punish targets inside or that are reflecting stuff.

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Meh I wasn't saying the other classes were also balanced and fun to play with and against. They aren't. Too many powerful traits and evades and massive dps procs in the game. Guardian dps is broken. So is mesmer. So are aspects of other classes. Scourge is also broken though. They have a lot of work to do, the last patch was a mild improvement. But they toned down the power creep from 100 to about 98. It was more or less meaningless.

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