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Dagger/Dagger was hit too hard by the nerfs.........


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I ran my Spellbreaker as D/D-SW/SH, so this dagger nerf was really painful for me, I depended on my dagger damage because I tend to dual wield my main damage source. My big combo was dagger 3 and dagger 4 which was nerfed as well. (dagger 3)

Too many nerfs to dagger have destroyed this play-style that I was really enjoying and doing well with, it felt good to not be a cookie cutter warrior clone.

The meta for Spellbreaker was D/SH-GS and I think that was actually one of the reasons FOR the nerf. Anet must want to cement a secondary role for dagger for setting up GS attacks, the only thing that does is hurt Dagger/Dagger though.

So all of these nerfs are just keeping GS at the top like usual and making other weapons support it because they are weak.

I'm really disappointed, you should be able to take any weapon and make it the main weapon of your build, it should not be decided for you by being kept in a secondary role by the devs.


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