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GW2 exe, repair even trying to totally reinstall won't work and im at my wits end...

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Last night I went to play a game of crab toss but was booted from game because there was an update. I went to update but got caught in an endless loop of the program launching then shutting down which i could only exit by using task manager. Since then I have been googling my fingers off and checking email waiting for support to reply to me and going into gw2 withdrawls. I found one post with a similiar problem but no answers. I have norton installed, and i have shut it off, allowed all kinds of access and exceptions. I did clean boots. I have really tried everything. I even went back months to when support was trying to help me with lag and used their suggestions is a vain attempt to solve my issue. I was really hoping to get on before reset to do the SAB dailies but this is not looking good. Anyone have and advice? Tix 6851965.

Thanks Festy

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