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LFG [EU] - FSP (Willing to change server) - PvE - New Casual Player - PvP & WvW optional

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Backstory & Information:

I bought a copy of this game back in 2014, in order to play with a small group of friends. We got to about level 18 before the group began to fragment as various people stopped bothering, before it just collapsed with each of us moving to other games. I've decided that I wanted to give this game another go, as I did enjoy the exploration and unique MMO experience in comparison to other games. Most of what I knew from back then has left my memory, and I'm pretty much a 'New' player as far as it goes, and intend on joining a Guild to help meet some people / make friends.

In previous MMO's, I'd always enjoy a Mixture of PvE and PvP, with PvP coming more into play as I got closer to the end of the level grind. I greatly enjoyed large scale battles between guilds from my old days playing Ragnarok Online, so I'm definitely interested in the notion of WvW once I get used to the game. At the moment though, Levelling and PvE are my focus as I get used to the game over all.

I'm marking myself as casual, as I can only play a couple - a few hours each day while playing around a full time job, or more time on the weekends, so for the next few months I'll be too busy to dedicate too much time to it. After that, it really depends on how much I've enjoyed the game that dictates how much of my time I dictate.

24 Years old, Male and from the United Kingdom. I speak English and a very small amount of German.

Currently, I have 4 characters on Far Shiverpeaks [EU], 2 of which are low level vestiges from my old gameplay several years ago, and the other two are level ones I made just now, before I decided to join a guild. I'm willing to either delete these four characters to switch World, or to keep them / some of them and to focus on getting the hang of the game, with the ability to procure gems to switch later for WvW should that offer come up later.

Within my Bank, I have 6 different boosts I'm holding onto (Magic Find, 11 Exp, 4 Birthday, Killstreak, Karma, Crafting) As well as 4 Exp Scrolls (Instant level 20?) I also have 1 Chalice of Glory.

I hope to hear from people soon.

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Hey there! We are small, casual guild (less than 20), and we have a mixture of EU and SEA members. We are currently on Aurora Glade (EU), but not all of us are. Personally, I also got the game 3 years ago, then dropped it for other games. I just got back to GW2 recently and joined Lost Action Heroes [ACT]. We are laid back folks and put real life and family first. Our guild leaders speak German too, but we play in English. We also have some folks from the UK, Asia, and Australia.

We have a Discord server, but most of the members don't use voice chat. We don't force people to do what they don't like. Communication is primarily via in-game chat. However, some us use the voice chat in Discord, and you are welcome to join, if you're comfortable with it.

If you're interested, check out our leader's post at


You may apply for the guild via our guild forum at http://gw2act.boards.net.

Hope to chat with you soon!

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