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2018 New SAB Decorations!

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Here's a clip of the 5 new scribe decorations for SAB.

  • Super Beech Tree (just noticed after posting Anet is "bleeping" their own name for this tree. It starts with a "B" and ends in an "H".) =D
  • Super Large Rock - sandstone coloring
  • Super Happy Cloud - bouncy movement
  • Super Angry Cloud - rain/ facial expression animations
  • Super Chest - plays music when opened

The chest is fun, but it's like the previous Halloween decorations where you can't stand on them or in this case you can't sit inside the chest or place anything in it. It is interactable with being able to open and close the chest, but too bad we still can't place anything inside like gold currency for rewards for guild mates. Treasure hunters and guild activities could make real use of something like that.

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The chest is more like a music box and isn't hollow on the inside which is my only gripe. I tried fitting an angry cloud in mine but the collision placed it above the chest. :(

It's still cute though.

Wouldn't have minded a few more structural things added this year or even functional items like the teleporters from World 3 Zone 3 but I imagine that would be pretty hard to code in the guild hall system.

Some infantile mode cloud rainbow bridges could be pretty cute too!Some trampolines might be kind of cool too but they might be another coding hassle and aren't entirely necessary now that we have mounts.

All in all a little less than I was expecting on the decoration addition front which seems to be the trend as of late, but the ones they did add aside from the super large rock are all nice additions.

If only I didn't have to individually click my 240 clouds every reset. :'(

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