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Getting stuck a lot in SAB this year

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So far I've managed to get irrecoverably stuck in SAB three times this year; I can't remember it ever happening before:

  1. In bee-dog form during the race, I got stuck in a cloud. This was the most irritating because there's no waypoint there, no exit button, /gg and /stuck don't work, and logging brings you right back into the cloud. I had to go into wvw, then into Lion's Arch, to get out.

  2. Got stuck inside a checkpoint in world 2-2 after activating it. /stuck doesn't work, had to /gg and give up a life

  3. Got stuck inside an infantile cloud rainbow in 1-3. Same as 2, had to /gg and give up a life

I dunno if there's anything really different this year or I'm just having bad luck, and maybe there's nothing that can be done. Would be nice if /stuck worked here though. And if you had a way to reset in the hub.

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A few years ago there was a spot in w2z2 I got stuck in. It was underneath the checkpoint after you first encounter the octorock looking thing and feed it fish. Unfortunately I had to dig until a rabbit spawned (which took a long time) and wait til it killed me to respawn. Needless to say I'm grateful they added /gg to SAB this year!

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