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is there a faster way.

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Use the gear in the corner to "Deposit All Materials". Find a merchant and "Sell Junk". Use salvage kits (or the Copper-Fed doobrie) to reduce junky gear to materials (which is pretty rapid), then use the gear again. Find that merchant again and select the toppest item and machine-gun the "Sell" button. Protect stuff you want to keep with an invisible bag/box. That goes pretty quickly. Certainly takes less than half an hour.

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Yes you are doing something wrong1: Open all bags and containers (but keep a few inventory spots open). include unidentified stuff first as it should not be salvaged and all gone after this step (store it in a safe bag/bank otherwise2: Salvage all blues and greens with a trash salvage kit (I use the copper coin fed)3: Salavage all yellows with a higher quality salvage kit (I use the mystic salvage kit)4: optional. If you need to get your magic find up, salvage your ecto's. The price of dust, compared to the droprate and the price of ecto's is very much in balance.5: deposit all materials.6: Sell all junk white stuff runes and sigil left over to the merchant.7: if you have anything left, it might be something valuable. if it is not accountbound, check the price on the TP. Above 3 gold = sell. Below = salvage. But also check the value of the upgrade component. If something is worth 4 gold, but the superior rune is worth 20 gold, you better salvage with a black lion key or use an upgrade extractor.8: if it is still there it must be account bound. Check if it is usefull for you and your build. If not check if it can be sold to the merchant and if not, just destroy.

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