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Inscribing items

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This is something i am so used to in MMO's and yet we don't have it and i believe it's necessary. Why can't we inscribe items we give away or donate? I mean it would be so awesome to inscribe a weapon give to a good friend or someone you hold dear. Also it would really be a benefit in stopping harassing behavior (dropping box' o' fun inside chests) etc,. The absolute anonymity is why people continue to try and grief others but if their accounts were identified, that would go away.On a more positive note, how cool would it be for people to have those names on items they cherish?

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For those who haven't played whatever games you are referencing, a description of what "inscribe" actually means to you would be nice.

Does it just mean "attach a message to it?" If so, I can't see how that would be desirable, if Anet had to police the attachments. I know I wouldn't want to see stupid stuff attached to a weapon.

And if inscribing is an action, why would anyone do so on a box o' fun?

A little help please, to try to understand what you are suggesting.

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