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[EU] In the end it didn´t even [Meta] Semi-hardcore Raiding guild recruiting new players

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In the end it didn´t even [Meta] is the semi-hardcore raiding guild with the most amazing name. We offer weekly fullclears, Low Mans, CMs, and spontaneous raiding. We also do fractals and occasionally dungeons. We look for dedicated raid players with experience and motivation. We currently recruit for all roles.


You are required to maintain 2 of the following 4 roles: Chrono, Druid , BS, and DPS.

DPSYou should be experienced with multiple DPS classes (both Condi and Power), and be able to adapt to changes in the Meta. You should be able to do all mechanics associated with DPS, and do decent DPS both at the golem and in a raid scenario. Currently the required major dps classes are either Weaver or Holosmith and either Renegade or Mirage.

BSYou should be able to play both Core-Warrior and CondiBerserker. A Spellbreaker is of course positive, but not required.You should be able to do any mechanic associated with playing Warrior and do decent DPS.

DruidDruids are not trialed at the golem. You are expected to be able to Solodruid every boss (except Dhuum) and to be able to do every mechanic associated with being a Druid. You should have optimised Harrier gear, and also be able/willing to learn CondiDruid and PowerDruid.

ChronoChronos are required to kill a 1 million HP golem while maintaining nearly flawless quickness and alacrity on self and a second person and doing decent DPS (Domination+Chaos).You are expected to be able to run Chaos and Domination during Trial Raids. You should be able to tank any boss and do any mechanic associated with being a Chrono.You should have optimised gear for every raid encounter, including but not limited to Concentration Infusions, Paralysation Sigils, and different Rune Sets (e.g. Leadership/Herald/Revenant).

How does the Trial look like

  1. Golem Trial to check basic rotations
  2. Questionnaire to check general understanding of raids and specifc knowledge about your classes.
  3. Trial Raid. Specific Bosses which are considered "hard" for your class.
  4. Trial Period. You will join a couple of raids with the guild, and see how you like the atmosphere. Additionally, we see you in multiple raids, and get an idea how consistent you perform and what type of person you are.

When do we raid?Monday: 7PM CEST, W1-W5 (Static-1)Wednesday: 8PM CEST, W1-W5 (Static-2)Thurday: 8PM CEST, Training (Static-2)Saturday: 8PM CEST, Low Mans/Fun RaidsSunday: 8PM CEST, Training (Static-1)

Next to the scheduled guild raids, spontaenous raids and Low Mans occur multiple times a week. We expect a decent level of activity from all our members.We are organised in semi-static groups. That means up to max 8 players are static, whereas the other spots are signup-based. In this way we can ensure a a high level in each raid, while also giving players that have shift-work or changing schedules the opportunity to raid with us. You must be able to use a microphone during the raids.

We did not record many videos yet, however here you can see some of our gameplay:

Interested?Contact Ayra Lightbringer.2874 ingame or Max (Ayra/Shiva)#9139 on discord!

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