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Favorite Guild Wars 2 Holiday/Event

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Zephyrite's Bazaar of the Four Winds - though thankfully it will never return.The location, its atmosphere, the music and the players were very enjoyable. It didn't feel like another map and actually felt like a place. Everyone seemed to enjoy taking part in the very fun and well-made events or just roaming around having fun and enjoying the actual festival instead of what all events since have turned into; just a map in a game full of people rushing to do all of the achievements as fast as possible so they can farm the festival for gold or leave to go complete achievements as fast as possible or farm gold somewhere else.

I feel the same about the first Wintersday and old LA before the events and activities became all about farming them for gold or an achievement to get a part toward a unique skin; playing bell choir for the enjoyment of teamwork to produce coherent songs instead of minimal effort or participation in order to farm rewards efficiently; working with a team to fight off mad toys and working together afterward to hunt for the lone decoration left standing and then celebrating when it's found and chatting and laughing about the fight instead of immediately disconnecting to go rush another achievement or farm gold; or to just stand around staring at the snow, listening to players and their instruments when they actually required effort to produce music before they were all just macro'ed songs being played that someone else scripted and non-stop begging for tips for their skill-less non-effort playing.

It makes me sad to see that festivals aren't festivals anymore - they've become achievement grinds and opportunities for gold farming and have been for quite some time, sadly. :\ It's not just the players that turn them into grinds and farming, the 'new rewards' and achievements added to these festivals when they return that are time-limited, highly complex and require crazy event resources in order to acquire them show that ANet encourages and desires festivals to be treated as such instead of an event to enjoy with a new item that everyone can get just by normal participation in the festival.

I guess it is a good thing that FotFW and Wintersday in old LA will never return. I'll just think back fondly on them, thankful that I will not witness their return in these times of festivals being farming and grinding instead of fun.

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Halloween, by far. I love the labyrinth, and the skins and stuff usually suit my tastes. The Mad King brings back memories from long ago. I just love Halloween time in general.

Wintersday used to be up there...until they crammed it into a little corner of Divinity's Reach. D:

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Not that it matters since neither festival has received major updates since second year of the game. I need more mad king lore, new jokes, and more SAB things to do (doing dailies for skins is boring, I want more scavanger hunt like stuff, like with the mad memories from way back when).

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