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How shall we use Grenades now?

Mighty Favazz.1546

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Grenades are for when you want to use a different elite than mortar kit but want the utility of mortar kit (and need burst damage from grenade barrage)I have a hard time choosing between stealth gyro and mortar kit on scrapper because mortar kit is actually useful despite what people may think. Problem is stealth gyro is useful too so you can use grenade kit to offset that. But... then you don't get the ice field (frost aura) or the poison field (weakness) or the pulsing blind (condition remove with whirl/blast).

But you do get more damage with grenade kit and the point is to kill your opponent I suppose.

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@Mighty Favazz.1546 said:With the recent buff to mortar, there is no area where grenades is more useful, with, maybe the exception of barrage.Turrets are no longer in the game.Elixirs have been nerfed with alchemy line.And now we are looking at an unintended holo nerf until next patch.

This is not good.

Grenades are better when you want your elite slot for something else (IE Prime Light Beam), or you're a condi build that benefits from Shrapnel.

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