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Belcher's Bluff Sig. Moves Unobtainable

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@PlagueParade.7942 said:Cannot obtain signature moves from each of the Masters of Om. Any chance in fixing this anytime soon?

The devs are aware of the bug. Unfortunately, it's very low on their priority list. So no, probably zero chance of being fixed soon.I'll see if I can find the quote. My impression is that they really do want to fix it; it's just a nasty bit of code and the original dev isn't around to take a look.

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@"Illconceived Was Na.9781" said:On the Curated Issue Tracker:

Recently SolvedAchievements: Players are unable to unlock signature moves in Belcher's Bluff, thus blocking the achievement "You've Got the Moves"


Fix is coming, I figured it out :) it just hasnt shipped yet

It better come soon. I have been waiting for a year now as well.

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