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Can't progress on Path of Fire storyline

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Hey all. So i'm relatively new to the game. I was doing the PoF storyline when I was told to buy a skimmer. I didn't have the gold to buy it at the time so I left and did other stuff until I had the gold. When I got the gold, I went back and bought the skimmer, but I was currently on my personal storyline in Central Tyria, so when I bought the skimmer my PoF story didn't update.

Now im stuck in this purgatory because I can't purchase a second skimmer (game only lets you buy it once) and my story isnt updated. Does anyone know how to fix this?

For those saying to drop and restart that chapter, that also doesn't work because like I said, you can only purchase the skimmer once.

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have you tried activating the PoF story and switching maps (running out of one into another)? sometimes that can help with it updating.

edit to add:if switching maps doesn't help, restarting the chapter might be the best option. sometimes it just doesn't register that you've done something, but it normally will register on a chapter restart, and will skip asking you to buy a skimmer.

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