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Low FPS for a Month now... and no response from Anet.

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The threads have been made and merged time and time again, and still, we're waiting for a response. Low FPS has been rampant since the server swap, so it's clear that the problems are isolated to that, but we've had no official announcement. We've had suggestions that it might be ISP-related, but it's widespread across multiple countries, and multiple providers. This is an Anet issue, at this point, and we're desperate for a reply. If it's the fault of the servers, let us know that you're working on them. Don't just merge this post into the larger thread without consideration, or send a stock message to make it seem like everything's fine. We just need an announcement at this point.

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To explain. Not everyone has this problem. This is important to note.

Imagine the internet as the roadmap. Yo have many roads to go from a to b. The only part arenanet can be responsable for is the driveway to their server and to some extend the local town. If an issue exist there, it happens to everyone and this forum would be filled with an explosion of complaints, event if it happens for just an hour, it would mean a huge amount of posts.

So let’s look at the other end. Your situation. You do not complain about other services or games, but. I believe you are not suffering from overal outage.

So it is halfway. Who is responsible for the route your data is taking? The receive or the sender? If you want a package to sent, do you blame a slow delivery on the recipient? You do if everyone is complaining, but if it is just a few people it must be the shipper, in internet language it is your internet provider, this is not your service provider, but the company hired by the company’s that is hired by the company supplying it to your service provider.Arenanet has the better position to deal with this, but they do not have direct dials or buttons to push. so they need to listen en get everything in a central place.

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