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Crystal Desert [ZEDD] Zodiac Dynasty WvW Fight Guild|Training|WvW|GvG|Builds|OCX & SEA


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Zodiac Dynasty is a WvW Fight Guild in Crystal Desert looking for loyal, core OCX and SEA players that enjoy our play style and community, PvPers and PvEers that wish to try WvW for the first time are also welcome. Whether new to the game or experienced, we are offering the best experience for you including Builds, WvW Raids, GvG, Training, Roaming, Fractals, and PvP to help you reach your potential among friends.

We accept players from the connected servers and those from other servers that wish to transfer (required for WvW.) The guild will help with transfers if needed.

Classes We're Looking For:Mes- Minstrels ChronoDPS Scourge- Celestial/BloodRevs- PowerFB- MinstrelsSB- Berserker

(Requirements)1.) You MUST run the Guild Builds provided for you on your preferred classes (if you play a ranger or thief, we will ask/suggest a different class that we think you will enjoy that is more productive in our WvW raids). You will be trained on these new classes/builds by commanders or pro members. We will help you gear up if needed.

2.) Discord IS required (Speaking is not required). We happily provide a Server Discord and Guild Discord for you to join in our Raids, Training, and other guild activities. Our preferred language is English. Typing in English is perfectly acceptable.

3.) Rep is only required when following a ZEDD commander, but loyal guildies are much appreciated.

We accept all people of colour, race, religion, gender, disability and homosexuality as the guild is a very multicultural and respectful community.


Reconstruction to all servers for WvW will change where you stand in WvW, the population, and those who are around you in your current server. (No one knows for sure the true full story of what will happen, but this is a short, possible summary that I've heard) so take the opportunity to join us in the new world

If you are interested or have questions about our wonderful community, please do reply to this post, PM/Mail me in game Xafire X (Sierra.6547) - Founder/Leader or any of our Officers/Commanders of the guild listed here:

Prisms (Prisms.6012)-OfficerSakura (Henrik.7560)- CommanderOmgesus (wasdasdf.6952)-OfficerAll Mightty (Dark.1605)-Commander

Hope to have you join us in adventures to come :D….

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