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Need helpful guild

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Hello everyone. So after many years, I have picked up this game to play and have fun. I have no clue as to how to play but have watched a variety of youtube videos and guides to get an idea. I'm looking for a guild that welcomes new members to help them learn the game, interact with one another by doing things together than just talking in chat, and understanding that life outside the game will require some attention.

What you'll get? I'm an old gamer that loves exploring, completing zones/quests, role-playing, and making friends. I'm more active during breaks and summers due to being in the education field. I tend to get on most evenings for a couple of hours though. EST time zone and I have purchased the game. I've chosen the Necromancer to start learning about the game though I have an 80 ranger and warrior that I leveled through grinding at launch then quit since I didn't have any guidance on how to play. Anyway, enough rambing, feel free to reply if your guild may be a good fit or add me in-game as a friend if you'd like.

Cheers! -Silver Stormcrow

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Hey there Silverlight, our guild, Tyrs Paladium is a guild that prides itself on a "no man left behind" mentality. We are gamers 30+ years of age and with all levels of skill. We have players completely new to GW2, refugees from WoW, and long time players from GW1. Tyrs is PvE focused, though we have a few guildies that PvP and WvW as well. We run regular fractals, dungeons, and open world events and had a big even for St. Patrick's day which included world bosses and raffles. Peak hours are weeknights EST and weekends, but we have players from all across the US.

If you want to learn more about us, click HERE

And if we sound like something you would like to be part of, then Please go to tyrspaladium.shivtr.com to apply!

You will need to create a Shiv forum account to gain access:Click GW2 in the upper left to select the Guild Wars 2 ChapterClick APPLY in the upper rightComplete the ApplicationThat's it!

Look forward to hearing from you,Auro, Officer Tyrs Paladium

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Hi Silverlight!

I'm part of a guild called Remnants of Hope (HOPE) and it seems as if your experience seems to be rather similar to mine. I used to play the original GW, however, until a little over a month ago, never played GW2. When I first started playing, like yourself, I checked out various videos on youtube trying to figure out what the gameplay is like, or what type of builds to go for. Started grinding on my own, however, got bored doing it myself, so I decided to check this forum to look for a guild. It wasn't until I came upon this thread , took a chance and decided to apply. Once I became a trial member, the officers and members have welcomed me with open arms. They are very engaging, super patient especially knowing that I am a new player and have just started the game and the current PvE officer was so helpful and knowledgeable that left my jaw hanging. Suffice to say, by spending time with them, I started to learn more and more regarding the game and has enabled me to expand and not limit myself to just PvE.

The times I have spent with them also has been great. As I have mentioned before, they were very welcoming not just on guild chat, but also on Teamspeak. Conversations always end up in laughter and the more I spent time with them, the closer we all got. Although I've only been with them for less than 2 months, I've never had more fun playing a game as much as I am having fun right now and I attribute that with the members in the community I am in.

We have very active forums, Teamspeak and group events almost every day of the week, including boss trains, meta events, dungeons, fractals that you won't ever get bored and best of all people willing to help out whenever you need it. So if you are interested in joining and checking us out, definitely apply here. If you have any questions, feel free to message me on the forums (Limmy), or in-game!

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