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Action camera not showing enemy HUD

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Essentially, when I'm on action cam, I can target someone fine, shoot/hit them fine, and control+T them fine.However, no matter what I do, their info (health, picture, name, etc) does not appear on the HUD (at the top where it normally should).Now, on occasion, it WILL appear, but it will disappear shortly after. As far as I can tell, though I'm not sure, it appears when that enemy is the only possible thing to target. However, if anything else is present, including NPCs, other enemies, interactive items, etc, then it won't work. Instead, either nothing or (more often), just the name (in regular text) will appear at that same spot. Sometimes of the thing you're trying to kill, sometimes not.

To get the enemy HUD to appear, I need to leave action cam, click on them, and go back into action cam. Except that this isn't permanent. As far as I can tell, it ends the moment my mouse rolls over something else.

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