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Please make hair unisex.

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@"Ardid.7203" said:So you don't want hairstyles to become unisex because "Charr horns have gone unisex" and "It would give players a lot more options"?Please look at the two posts below.

Beards and Mustaches too please.

My female mesmer needs deception mustaches.


I want the biggest, widest, burly male norn with pink pigtails.

Make it happen A-net! Don't Suppress my expression of self identity!

This is essentially why I don't want this. Its the same reason I dislike the idea of added SAB mount skins, or when I see giant pink norn with pink handlebar mustaches and either the moot or the fairy wand. Plus as mentioned by someone else above hairstyles are cultural in many aspects. I suppose I could see norn's and humans having some interchangeability, but I don't think it could work so well for the other races as it doesn't really make sense. Humans could I guess model their hair after some sylvari styles for instance, but some just aren't feasible. Same for how the charr interweave metal into some of their hairstyles for instance. I could see there being a few similar hairstyles modeled in the fashion of another cultures but doubt it would or should go any further.

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Regardless, again, I think the idea has merit. Posters can have an opposing opinion without fear. However, one should not have an opposing opinion that insults those that disagree much less go to some extreme example. Please keep in mind, some of you are playing talking cats, walking plants, gym-pumping giants, or starved chihuahua-looking imps. So any complaints about 'realism' is pretty much out the window when it comes to something as minor as hairstyles.

Just to keep it in perspective.

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