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Which NA servers are best for WvW massive zerg fights that are not full?


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is ez to have apparently high KD by avoiding fights you don't know if you can 100% win (obviously fight if you know you gonna 100% win) or cowering with advantageous spots/numbers

ppk not a good measurement yet also the only paper measurement. maybe OP might want to check out twitch stream on your preferred time and hope there is a stream on those wvw servers to see how it looks like

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@"CRrabbit.1284" said:http://gw2stats.com/na/matchupshttps://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/WorldJust combined both info together:T1: BG (Full) vs YB+FC (very high + very high) vs FA (full)T2: TC (full) vs SBI (high) vs SoS (full)T3: DB (very high) vs AR (full) vs KN (very high)T4: Hod (very high) vs NS (high) vs CD (2x medium)

Also consider the PPT + K/D , SBI is clearly the #1 fighting server (1xhigh vs 2x full server) , KN might be the #2 (KD is ver good but ppt too far away)

Why PPT matters here? How it can predict that server has massive zerg fights?

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@Turk.5460 said:

@"Blockhead Magee.3092" said:Every single server gets accused of being siege humping PPTers.

However, there is one server that stands above the rest in this regard. We all know who it is :heartbreak:

Clearly it's NSPPT

As for the OP about largest fights... You'll problably want to be in a server that can consistently Maintain a T1/T2 status. Those are obvious the server with most people around. Does that equate quality tho? Problably not... I personally hate "fighting" against Blackgate as their motto seens to be "Throw more bodies until you can win".

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