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Funny renegade build for pvp (and wvw)


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so here is the end build after testing from the beginning renegade builds

so instead of herald take renegadesome of you who saw my vid could see i can have high might stacks, fury and vigor.same weapon as the meta but the rune is mad king - weird ha

mad king rune summon ravens to attack nearby enemies when you activate an elite skill. the raven are like hunter call of the ranger skillrange is 900 and target 3 enemies

so why ?

every 45 sec you can use it.

what it gives

with devastation and soulcleave its leech life is crazy and put your hp from 5% to 100% .this mean you can use it defensively and offensively on point so even from 900 range it will target enemy. the leech occur as long as you stand on the area of soulcleave.so consider mesmer with 3 clones / illusions up proc it and you fine (just dont have confusion on you or retal), ranger with pet good to go.

they will dodge and even twice which mean you can immobilize them with sword 4 and have fun with 3 while casting icerazor on them

i really like it fighting with a group

was able to take ranger, necros so farsurprise thieves in a group fights and control a point with my team with soulcleave and icerazor versus guard, engi, ranger and thief.


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