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[NSP][Casual][PvE] Returning Australian player looking for guild (preferably a smaller one)

Paper Cut.9547

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I purchased this game years ago not too long after it first came out. I played it for a bit and then dropped it. I've picked it up again and have been playing it quite a bit, but I wouldn't mind having some other players to run around with. I'm currently a level 29 elementalist and am currently focusing on exploration. I like to jump into events if I'm aware there's one happening (I don't know the timing of the events like the back of my hand yet) and would also like to participate in raids and dungeons once I'm at an adequate level.

I'm looking for a guild that isn't too serious or competitive but can use teamwork when the time calls for it - even so, a guild that is friendly and doesn't mind joking around is the kind of guild that I'm looking for. I'm still learning certain parts of the game because when I first played it I didn't play it for long, so a guild that doesn't mind having someone who is learning in their ranks feels almost mandatory. I also wouldn't mind if the guild was more on the smaller side in terms of size.

I have Discord and am willing to voice chat if need be, though I do tend to prefer to warm up to new players through text chat first and then move onto voice.

Thanks for reading.

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