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Things i would love to see in WVW..if possible


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Ive been playing a lot of wvw lately and i really enjoy it...but sometimes i feel like we need to have more roles in wvw other than roaming, zerging, upgrading, sieging and scouting...delivering supplies maybe? spying? i also thought that mounts should be added for gameplay's

Dolyak mount as a tactics- for self delivering supplies or a way to replace dolyak delivery from camp to tower/keep to implement roles in wvw so not everyone's on zergs but also on towers building and upgrading

Mount for commanders/lieutenants - to plow thru zerg something like a dragon banner tactics..also so you can pick out the commanders...so we can visually choose to pick out the commanders and cut the head of the zerg forces some gameplay and so people are gnna be more inclined to protect your commander too

Wyvern mount - something like a bloodlust only 1 can be summoned every several minutes or an hour? to drop a line of flame field on an area...kinda like dropping missile strikes on call of duty from the mini map. if not like an airstrike maybe can be a ridable mount and can be sieged

Spies - 1 voluntary spy for each server...similar to slubling mechanic from slothazoar....you will appear as an enemy from your teamates and also be killable by teamates and the people from your server your spying from can also still hit you by swinging skill 1 on them to be able to tell who your spies are

Mounts chariot to be able to pull your siege - will requite 2 players mounted to make your siege mobile

Mount to joust people down - similar to heart of thorns mordrem rider as a tactic

Mount trap - similar to forge traps in the dessert

Update banners tactics

more supply capacity if your riding a mount

Ambushing Dolyak mounts to steal supplyusing the skrits and centaurs to help and follow you to assault a tower or a camp

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