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@"Tanner Blackfeather.6509" said:OP, in case you weren't aware - the forum profanity filter automatically switches out various censored words with the word "kitten". This is deliberatlely chosen in order to be a bit humorous.

I have to admit I have occasionally written kitten deliberately when I wanted the added emphasis but couldn't think of a suitable word that wouldn't be filtered.

But I've also seen posts which would really have benefited from their poster editing it to replace at least some of the filtered words so it makes sense. "Why the kitten is this kitten kitten so kitten kitten kitten!?" is a difficult question to answer, unless maybe you spend a lot of time talking to smurfs.

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@TexZero.7910 said:

@Inculpatus cedo.9234 said:What word would you prefer the forum filter use as a replacement?

I'd like to by a random phrase generator instead that mocks the user for their inadequate linguistic prowess and their innate need to use profane words.You know spice it up a bit, some Shakespeare here or there.

That could be amusing, especially with the right substitutes in the right places. But one advantage of the kitten filter is most people on the forum know what it means, whereas if it was inserting random words or phrases it wouldn't be obvious it was filtered and could just look like the poster was typing nonsense.

Also apparently part of the reason they picked the word kitten is it softens the impact of whatever was said by making it sound silly.

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