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Looking for a guild on EU desolation server (PVE players)

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Hey all!

Myself and 2 friends based in the UK have returned to GW2 after a couple of years absence, finding it a lot of fun but want to get back into some group events.

We are looking for a friendly, mature (we have families) but patience guild to help us get back into the game and improve our skills and help out our guild do other group content such as Dungeons and Fractals. We are not into PVP but did enjoy WvW. We haven't done any raids but would be interested in that too. Plus new PVE world events seem a lot of fun and we would like to participate in them as a guild. Plus guild events also looking interesting so am keen to help out others too.

Have just set up Discord but happy to use any comms tools.

Play time varies as we have families but Fridays and Saturdays evenings are generally good. we are pretty casual players but do like tinkering with builds. am currently trying to figure out what new build is good for my warrior, used old shout build as i like having a support role too. Also enjoy playing Mesmer but am pretty rubbish at that so far. :)

Thanks looking forward to meeting some great people.


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