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Grand Master's Mark Reward Chest issue

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Ive submitted a ticket , but for anyone suffering from the same issue at the moment I thought I'd drop a post and see if the problem can help or fix anyone else's issue and hopefully create a discussion.

I apologetically selected an unneeded and never to be used mark from the PVP Reward chest.

After hours of grinding and work to get the obsidian torch for the Mistforged Torch I realized it was the Leatherworker's Mark I had regretfully picked as my reward when I needed the Huntsman's Mark.I went online to see if I could use a resource to change out the mark at a vendor or in the forge with no luck.By Balthazar's Beard, Please have mercy!Give us a way to trade marks or pay a fee (pvp tickets? ) to do so. It's pointless hours wasted to have a very important and time gated item sit in the inventory and gather dust.

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