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All done with WvW


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Press B, select 2nd? Maybe 3rd tab, scroll till you find the elusive reward track you seek, assuming it's repeatable, Re-engage said reward track.

Click B - 2nd or 3rd tab every 30 mins-1 hour and check progress, get ready to re-engage when it's close to fimished.

Repeat step 1 until you're done getting whatever you need from said reward track.

The system changes the reward track for you when 1 is complete, it changes to the next highest progress one, you aren't losing progress, it's just being allocated to something you don't want because you're on auto pilot and/or unfamiliar with the system.

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After you completed a reward track, the game throws you into the default reward track for that moment. Do you mean this?

ArenaNet already acknowledged that this can be improved by allowing players to lock the selection of the current reward track allowing it to repeat without reselect. But for the mean time you need to manually select the reward track of your choice after completing one.

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