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[NA][NSP][PvX] Returning Player LFG


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Hi everybody,

I just got back into the game after almost a 5 years break. I decided to start from scratch since I honestly didn't remember most of the game. I'm working on my way back to 80 with a fresh new Mesmer, but I kept my old chars just in case I ever feel like playing them again.

I'm currently looking for a friendly and mature guild, 18+ (30+ is also good), to play a bit of everything the game has to offer. I do enjoy WvW so a guild in NSP would be preferable, but that is not a hard restriction. I'm looking for chill people to do dungeons and eventually fractals and raids when my character is high enough to do them. Having an active discord is also a big plus for me.

If you believe your guild can fit this Veteran Noob, please drop me a message. ;)


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HERO is a PvX Community always looking for more members to join up with. We are a close knit group of friends, and play GW2 among other games together. GW2 content wise we do mostly team based activities, such as Fractals, Dungeons, Raids, PvP, and also some small scale WvW at times. We enjoy assisting new players and enjoy welcoming them into the GW2 universe. Please let me know if you have any questions or if you'd like to join us.

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NA/Casual/PvE/Active, seeking new members!

Phantom Soul Reavers

[sOUL] is a casual guild on the NA servers. Located in the Central/Eastern time zone.

1) Age of 25+ (But all ages Considered!)2) Discord is mandatory to communicate and to get to know each other.3) We have a Zero Tolerance for Drama!4) No begging or using others to give you large amounts of materials.5) No rep requirement.

We ask that you use Discord so we are able to give instructions and get to know you as one of our Members.If you do not wish to speak at least listen when needed.

We are currently a small guild, but with your help we will expand and grow. Our home is (Windswept Haven).

For now we are able to offer:

1) Guild missions2) Fractals3) PvE4) We help our members through content

Join us and you will never be left behind in the dust. We will be there for you,but we can't help if you don't let us know what you need, and the best way is to join us on discord.

Visit our website: http://psr.shivtr.com/ Please fill out the application. It will be processed quickly.


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