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Mist Challengers Tournament May 5th!


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Just copying my post from Reddit here!

Looking to prove your worth in PvP but you just aren't satisfied with ranked queues? Or maybe you love the Daily AT's, but you want MORE? Well I have the answer for you!

I am very excited to announce a NEW PvP Tournament which will be held on Saturday May 5th on NA! The Mist Challengers Tournament aims to bring new and experienced players together in a two bracketed Tournament! If you've never stepped into an arena before, or you haven't left one since Pro League ended, this is the tournament for you!

We will be providing gold prizes for anyone who enters, even if you get knocked out first round, and increasing gold the farther along you get in the First, or Challengers Bracket. Additionally the top 2 teams from the Challengers Bracket will be allowed the opportunity to participate in the second bracket, the Invitational, where they will join the top 6 teams across both NA and EU. The most exciting part? These 8 teams will be battling it out for a prize pool of $2,000!

If you want to find out more details, or sign up, all of that information can be found here

And finally, I will be joined in casting this tournament by none other than Wooden Potatoes! The tournament will be streamed live on his channel, which can be found here.

Contact information can be found on the Sign Ups page, or you can contact me directly through the forums. Leave your comments and questions below, and we will be looking forward to seeing you all on May 5th!


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