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When might more doors open in the Black Lion Vaults?

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@Drakortha.6974 said:I'm just wondering. The last time I visited many more doors were opened. Now most are closed, and I can't look at all the skins.That's by design. Every time a new skin set is released and nearly every time there's a change in the BL chest (both of which usually happen together), ANet changes which other sets remain available, which new ones return (usually for 5 tickets, although sometimes for 3). As with the gem shop, this artificial scarcity helps generate interest in the items. Because skins are tradeable, this supply reduction also helps skins to retain value over time

@Steve The Cynic.3217 said:Interestingly, I've often found there are more skin sets availalable in the vaults than there are in the claim ticket window.

There are always more skins available in the vaults. Sometimes just a few, sometimes 6 or more sets.

I haven't found a good way to predict or identify which skins are available for tickets except by visiting the vault each time. I used to try to keep track of the dates, but it's a mess: some skins have barely been available more than once or twice, and some keep coming back. (Well maybe I can predict: typically the ones I invested the most in... those are the ones that keep coming back, which means their prices haven't risen much over time.)

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