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Black lion chests 4/10/2018 1 SLOT LOST

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Really anet, really, haven't we been over this for like the last 4+ years?! Did they think we wouldn't notice in the wake of the glyph release?

As of april 10th 2018 black lion chests now have only 2 yes TWO random item slots, with a 3rd only appearing if you hit the gold roll for a bonus drop. Where did that other slot go? they took it and put the new mini mystic forge bait gryphon into it. Prior to this we had the statue drops which are value long term, but we also had the mini drops which didn't affect the 3 random slots. However now they've opted to remove 1 of the 3 random slots thus artificially raising everything's value and reducing the chances of what we can actually get harshly.

Whats more it feels like an entirely scummy move due to the fact glyphs drop on the rare tier, limiting our drop rates from 3 to 2 is clearly a dirty act to try and make us spend even more money in an attempt to get the exclusive glyphs for our perma and consumable tool.

Not cool anet not cool.

Every time the blc has lost a slot there has been a large negative community feedback, has this lesson really not been learned?!

Reducing the drop slots to artificially raise the value of items while jamming in another useless trash item most no one care's about is a pretty underhanded move to trick us into giving them money, what happened to the anet we know and love?


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