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Wardrobe gathering tool preview feedback

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Hey there! So I was pleasantly surprised to see these new updates for gathering tools (it was a long time, coming, I'm sure). In particular I like how there is a wardrobe option to preview them. In that same vein, I have a couple pieces of feedback regarding those previews:

  1. I understand that previewing from the wardrobe is similar to previewing armor transmutations on your player character. That is, it only shows you what you have unlocked. My question is, will we perhaps eventually get a new tab in the bank's wardrobe where you can preview all of the options including ones you haven't unlocked?
  2. I noticed that the preview animation only shows the effect on the gathering node and not the player character using the previewed tool. I found that a bit odd seeing as how many of the tools come with special animations. It'd be convenient to be able to see what the player character looks like when previewing the subject tool, as some of them can get pretty crazy looking.

Overall I think this is a great update for gathering tools and I understand that it is still very fresh and new so there's room for tweaks and improvements. Thanks for letting me share some feedback! :)

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