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try THIS!


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http://gw2skills.net/editor/?vlAQNAscmn3guNSuQ7JRboVlsP0rS4IaWJ4EdskFNFidMrpN2DMhNsdAB4BA-jZRaABV+EAAoMAm7PA4hAg3TAAAno marauder cause do all into dps, you will love the results with full 25might and vulnerability on enemyalso nice combos are double port with phase travel +s5 for gap closewait for s4 after a cc with herald elite and s5 afterdont forget to use legendswap after ports for quickness or weaponswap for instant cc staff2very nice superspeed on weaponskillsbut I forgot the MOST IMPORTANTdont try this if your skilled into rev, every mistake will be punishedengage fights after your most blocks and evades are on cd

for necros... stay out of red circles use herald elite +s5 + GoD/BoS+ s4+ legendswap/weaponswap + IO+ st1111111111 .... st5 if he can get up but mostly their down

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