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Ruthless Gaming - [NA - DB] [WvW - Fractals - PvP]


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About Ruthless Gaming: A esports organization & community.In [RG] we are a group of friends looking to expand.Our schedule: ( CST / EST ) [On - Off] Mon: 3(4)pm - 11(12)pm Tue - Friday: 11am(12pm) - 9pm to (whenever)

Main Focus:Yes, the main focus is in the title/topic of this discussion but lets go in depth a little more.WvW: Is our main focus as of now and where you will primarily find us ingame, we are a havoc / roaming guild. Based in Dragonbrand (prefer if your in DB but with the upcoming WvW changes it wont matter)Fractals: Run Dailys tier 4 / recs Every reset. (if not enough agony will go down so you can join in)PvP: Trying to get a group for tournaments.PvE: Helping with getting gear, tips, legendary, metasGuild Missions are set on WvW but we do have PvE guild mission unlocked and working towards pvp. Guild Hall is lvl 18 as its a fairly new remade guild.

What we are looking for:Active (We understand other commitments job/class/etc as this is a game and real life comes first)Any class (We do not have any specific profession requirements whatever you feel like playing)Have fun ( We are serious when it needs to be, but love to joke around and enjoy the game with old friends and new)Rep Requirement (Only time you have to rep is havoc/roaming with us other than that feel free to rep your other guilds)

What we offer:WebsiteDiscordTournaments / Giveaways: Includes Gold : Gems : Peripherals : Apparel : etcIf you are new and have questions feel free ask dont be shy, we be glad to help.Theory craft: keep things exciting who knows could be the next thing.

Contact:Responding below ( Will check daily )Ingame Mail / Whisper : Sean @ SEANIMAL.9708

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