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Sea of Sorrows| NA | PvX | Glory Hunterz [GHz]


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World vs World - WvWCurrently recruiting the following;


  • A highly experienced player for each class would be great so as to help the others. I am only proficient in Firebrand and scourge.

Zerg comp

  • Firebrands - 3
  • Spellbreakers - 2
  • Scourge 4
  • Herald 2
  • Weaver 1-2


  • 1 Soulbeast
  • 2 Deadeyes

Player vs Environment - PvERecruiting the following;

PvE Leader

  • Must be proficient with all PvE related aspects of GW2
  • Able to lead World Events for guild and/or delegate to a Lieutenant of your choice
  • Raid Leader/Trainer
  • Able to pick out 3 Lieutenants to help with events, dungeons, fractals, and good builds for PvE
  • Designate a recruiter(s)

Structured Player vs Player - sPvPRecruiting the following;

sPvP Leader

  • Proficient and knowledgeable in sPvP
  • Recruit 2 lieutenants
  • Help others in understanding sPvP
  • Not a toxic turd

I know this list is a bit long and seems more like I desire a resume but this is only for the leaders. My guild is BRAND new and I want to start off with getting the correct leaders for the right positions before recruiting massive amounts of people.

You can contact me on here, in a PM, or in game at Actium.8765

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