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Never Retreat (Casual PvX Guild) Project


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Hello everyone,

I've been playing GW2 casually for a while now. I basicly in most of the days play daily T4 fractals. Besides, I do play PvP and I'll be trying to build a WvW character in future if I can find some time to. Actually I looked for a guild which fits to my demands but I could've found none. I just wanted to create a topic and see if there are people who are like me and want to run and/or join a guild.

If you;-Are able to play around 19:00-22:00 (GMT)-Are interested in being in a static fractal group.-Do not have a lot of time to play and want to make a schedule with a group of people and play at the (almost) same time everyday.-Are looking for a small guild (max. 20).-Are interested in being in a like-minded guild.-Are interested in being a part of a mature and friendly guild.-Do not like drama.-Bothered in crowded guilds where people do not know eachoters.

For now, I am more focused on having a static fractal group instead of playing with PUG's. After having at least that, we can plan another in-game events in PvP and so on.

Please contact me in game: ATK.9480Whisper me in-game and we can talk the details.

Please note that:

  • I am not and oldschool player nor am I very experienced. I just want to be in a small and friendly guild. Since there are none I could've seen, I intend to make our own with you!
  • If you want to be in such project, you should use discord. (mic's not required)
  • Be mature, age 20+ would be good, youngers can try their luck aswell.

See you in-game.

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