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[EU][Raids][Snow] soon-to-be-hardcore raiding guild looking for new members !


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The newly formed guild [snow] ''Snow Sanctum'' guild is recruiting new members!Our main focus in the beginning will be full clears, until we get a good group of amazing players that can play consistently. After that we plan to do raid selling, speed clears and low man runs for some extra spicy content.

List of requirements:

  • Have at least 500 Li
  • The use of Discord and the willingness and ability to communicate with us
  • Minimum 2 classes you can play (rotations, ascendant gear, meta builds)
  • Know the boss fights and tactics for each
  • Pass the trials
  • Be fun and don't be salty


    Golem:The trials will be done , based on what you chose to be your 2 main classes. For example, Chronomancer should have high boon up time, Dps classes able to hit benchmark .

Trials in action:If you pass the first test you will be taken to a boss where you will have to shine the best you can.Before we get a group of people, second part of the trials will be done in random pug groups :D


Mail us in game:Deeyra.1476we dont bite

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