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You can enjoy PvP again - ArenaNet suspended 1583 accounts


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An official statement was made by @Gaile Gray.6029

"Today, ArenaNet suspended 1583 accounts involved in the use of illicit third-party software. While we regret the necessity of suspending accounts, we intend to do our best to ensure that everyone is on a level playing field and these programs—which go against the Guild Wars 2 User Agreement and our Rules of Conduct—allowed the players to gain undeserved and unintended advantages.

The accounts in question will remain suspended for at least six months, and in the case of this investigation, we will not be accepting appeals about these account suspensions.

In addition to putting your game account at risk, using illicit third-party software on your machine may subject you to security risks such as malware or viruses. If you have installed any of these programs on your computer, please remove them."

No more hackers for now, hence the word now as there is no anticheat currently in the game.


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@zoopop.5630 said:It just makes the match making all so much more worse as well, these bans were needed but playing against the same people for 3 days now is getting old.

Match making needs to continue to improve in so many areas

Just wait for it. Soon people will hear about cheaters banned and return to PvP

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@brannigan.9831 said:These accounts should be terminated forever.

Wow hold on there, buddy. What if that was a mistake? 6 months investigations seems fair. And when the account will do some suspicious stuff again (which, let's face it, there are some um.. not so smart people out there who WILL try this AGAIN lol). THEN permaban without questions.

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I applaud the efforts of Anet here


to not allow appeals is bad

Every time we see these bans there are ALWAYS mistakes. Anets track record shows us they are far from 100% accurate in these matters.

Again I like the move....i don't agree with the facist zero appeal policy attached to it

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@"FyzE.3472" said:I love how people can't read. 6 months is for investigation. I believe that if your innocent, your ban will be lifted in that time.

Uhh what? Clearly says "suspended" for 6 months. Maybe this means they have dishonor for that time which means they can't play spvp at all.

Edit: Great news ANET!!!!!

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