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Why is anet silent on the broken gem store?

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As of last week the option to pay by online banking was removed, and most of us can only consider it a bug since no reasonable living man or animal would sever of a healthy limb that helps it survive.Without online banking a large chunk of European money can't be given to anets gem store.

I am more perplexed by the number of people who report this issue, yet anet is entirely mute on this matter.They have not said they are working on a fix, they're not even saying they're aware of the issue.

I checked all the posts, even on reddit where the devs are 725.3% more active, nothing.

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@Inculpatus cedo.9234 said:Try searching for threads on the same topic. A poster/player posted the response he/she received from the CS Team.

Good luck.

I tried, I really did.There’s nothing on any of the boards.Some people say there’s a CS response, but the search function doesn’t acknowledge it.Besides, issues like these shouldn’t be buried in a minicomment of a random topic,Anet should make a sticky post where they acknowledge the problem, and say they are working on it.

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