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Looking for a good guild


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Hey Ferf. I'm with Game Over, Inc. we we're a new guild made up of mostly new players. We're in NA, 21+, and use Discord regularly. We are playing casually, but plan on getting in to some raiding and scheduled events down the road.

If you're interested, you can jump in to our Discord and meet some of the guildies. Let me know.

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Hello ferf,

We are a friendly guild looking for members to fill our membership. We are a small guild and are PvE based. We do a bit of everything, but we are also a very new guild.Right now our focus is to do guild missions and to build the guild while teaching new players to get around and what to do in the game to get through content.(We are located on SoS - Sea Of Sorrows this only matters for WvW)NA Server. We accept members from all servers.Our main time is Eastern/Central. Our events begin 30mins after reset time.If you are 25+ then you are our ideal age range. 22-24 age will be considered if you show maturity in your application.There is an application to fill out prior to joining us the more information you add the more likely you will be accepted. We are looking for quality in members not just quantity.We do require discord for coms and to be able to use it. We do not have a rep requirement at all we would hope that you would rep us because you want too.We are LGBT friendly and Female friendly. No one will judge you here. Also, we do not tolerate Drama.http://psr.shivtr.com for application.

Thank you for your time.

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Conjunction of Heroes [HERO] is now recruiting for our PvX Guild. Focused on community, heroes engage in PvP, WvW, FotM, Raid, and community events.

We are a guild that is built on a strong foundation of friends that have played together since launch. HERO is located on the Maguuma server, and we host events based out of the EST time zone.

Primarily, we are a pick-up team, one that does not inundate our members with rules and formalities. We do run a structured ‘Game Night’ on Saturdays, where we touch on several aspects of the game, including guild missions, WvW, and other content. Raids are also scheduled weekly--one night is dedicated to training, and the other night to clearing.


Who we are looking for: players that want to foster a community of fun, ferocity, and kinship; we want players that strive to play at their best, and to get better at every turn. Our atmosphere would be described as adult, e.g. we curse, we swear, and we have fun, but no discrimination will ever be tolerated.

Do you want to join a group of friends that enjoys every aspect of the game, and excel at playing the game together? Do you want to enjoy the game like you’ve never enjoyed it before?

Do you want to be a Hero?

Whisper me, or one of my fellow leaders: Obran.6582 ; Vehiron.1536 ; ChaosStar.3160 ; ddille.4398 ; ponzor.6087; pizzaman.9520

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