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How do you manage your inventory?

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Starter bag...invisible bag...possibly an equipment bagcrafting bagjunk bag

The ... is various number of 20 slot bags depending on how many bags slots that character has unlocked. The invisible bag is for unid gear.

I keep the bags separate and bags with less frequently used stuff like alternate stat sets collapsed.

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Invisible bags at the bottom for weapons, armor, tonics, anything I might want at a given moment. 20 slot bags otherwise.

Bank has tabs of miscellaneous stuff that might be useful to have reasonably easy access (extra food, gear, etc). Mule characters for those, "who knows, maybe someday," items like stacks of shards, gifts of __ and the like.

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In general:

  • 1+ shared inventory slots, with copper-fed-salvage-o-matic. A must.
  • 20 Starter bag
  • 15-20 Equipment bag
  • 15-20 Crafting bag
  • 10-20 Junk bag
  • 10-20 Invisible bag

I tend to just salvage everything green or less with copper-fed. Rares with Silver-fed, stuff all mats into bank. Sell junk and sigils at merchant. And sort through what's left. Preferably as little as possible :)

The different bags sort themselves, and I keep the invisible one at the bottom so it doesn't get a lot of random stuff. Keep it mostly for alternative gear and stuff. On characters with more slots, I just add more Equipment, Crafting, Invisible bags in roughly that order.

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For starters, i have an copper and mystic salvage kitt in my shared slot. Followed by Infinite fractal omni potion, cause i do daily fractals with different characters. As well as permanent portable provisioner for my wvw needs, which i happen to play a lot as well. Again on different characters. And last but not least, some foods, oils sharpening stones and crystals with different functions which yet again i share among different characters.

Then -usually- i just have additional weapons in my characters inventory, which i do/may use on that particular builds. Rest of my equipment goes into my bank. and i can swap them out there if i feel like it. My alt characters always have 92slots in inventory (1x standard 20slot bag, 4x 18slot bags, cause cheap). Tho i do try to max that out on my main ofc. No compromising there

That being said, my bank has thus multiple tabs that are dedicated to specific characters/classes to contain certain full gear types. Next to that i have my daily boxes, salvage stuff, level up items, crafting items, toys, tonics, consumables, trophies and teleport stuff. So yeah. quite a large a bank.

Oh and i also have an specific character which i use as an alt bank too. That one is used for keeping ascended drops and investment. Lets say if i get an ascended boot box, that will go to that character. Or invest in something where i can make gold from later. that will go to that character as well.

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I put a new 32 up top in place of the starter. Created a second 32 from the new map and that is my second bag. All for loot. All the rest are 20s. The next two I keep closed some food and tools and toys. Room for more loot. Next after that is also closed, my gather bag. Last two are invisible, with weapons, 2nd armor set up top and conversion tools. Last one has some toys and food and a few other things. I don’t see the bed last row of my last bag without scrolling (when the other bags I mentioned are closed, including the shared which I keep closed).

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  • Shared slots, containing Gathering tools, Copper-fed, VIP pass, Position Rewinder, Watchwork Portal Devices, TtF, Revive Orb, Merchant & Bank express, SW shovels and Magic Carpet.
  • Invisible bag, for alternate gear, consumables and things I don't want to sell/salvage. I always keep it full (so random loot doesn't end up there) and keep a few thing in it that can't be salvaged or sold, to swap in temp things. Several characters have three slots here dedicated to Unidentified Gear. Size of bag is based on how much each character carries with them.
  • Starter backpack
  • Olmakhan bag (so far 24 slot and only my main)
  • Equipment Pack/Safe Box
  • Craftsman's Bag
  • Oiled Pack

Sizes vary between alts. My two mains have 20-slots, with only my Main-main have a bag slot added. For the rest, most slots are 15. I occasionally craft a bigger bag for an alt, and the replaced bag(s) trickle-down to the other alts. (MMO alt equiping - the only place "trickle-down" works!)Priority have been Craftsman's, and Safe Box. I will likely start making 20-slot Olmakhan bags and getting an extra bag slot for my most-used alts in the future.

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Have only normal bags (no invisible or whatever other specialities) and I clear off after each going out of each of my toons (19). It is the only way for me to keep control.All my toons have 15/12/12/10/10 apart from the WvW and raid toons who have one more bag and all 15 slots (more or less).

For me, clearing inventory is a bit easier than at earlier times, because I salvage everything (white, blue, green, gold, exotic) that is below a TP value of 20 silver. After salvaging, 80% of my inventory is material that I just double click to send it to bank, or consume via option "consume all". It does not let much to manage. Most of it are green runes that I sell in a row to merchant. Some recipes that I sell if I already know them. The tomes of knowledge that I add to bank.Once in a while, I get a piece of armor or a weapon with a rune I want. In that case, I extract the rune. But that's really sporadic.

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I've overdone the item-management a little. Playing the game for 5 years now. I only have one main character, the others sooner or later end up as gatherers or mules. Although it may look a little confusing, I still do not need a spreadsheet to know what item is where.


4x Shared Inventory Slots = Copper Fed Salvage-o-Matic, Lily of Elon, LS4 Portal Tome, Prototype Position Rewinder20 Slot Invisible Bag = 2nd Gear Set + Food20 Slot Starter Backpack = Environmental Weapons5x 20 Slot Fractal Equipment Boxes = For Loot20 Slot Bandit Coin Purse = Keyitems, Banners, Toys & Gizmos, Teleportation Items (Spearmashal's Plea), Watchwork Portal Devices, Mystic Salvage Kit (always in the last slot)



1st tab: Loot from BL chests, BL salvage kits, makeover kits, eaters, Ley-Energy Matter Converter2nd tab: LS3/LS4 map currencies, when three stacks are full they go to a mule character until I need them3rd tab: Luck, Writs of Experience, Tomes of Knowledge, PSNA tokens, HoT attunement potions, fractal potions,4th tab: Legendary Weapon stuff (gifts, runestones, etc.), Items that should be picked up by a mule next time I log one (usually some boosters and outdated ques-items), 250 stacks of materials required for refinement or (if already refined) to be stored in my personal guild bank5th tab: Lootbags only


Guild Bank

1st tab (50 slots): stacks of valuable materials, if needed I can convert them to gold + gold-storage for projects (e. g. LS4 gathering nodes, next step for legendary weapon, ... etc.)2nd tab (100 slots): Festival Items, Consumables, at least 4 Lanterns of each year + fireworks, 20 pieces of Spinal Blade Blueprint parts, unidentified dyes, food for farming and tough battles



1st char: LS3/LS4 currencies (250 stacks if bank is not enough)2nd char: Boosters, Weapon/Armor boxes, Unbound Backpieces (exotic & ascended), unused ascended trinkets, exp scrolls, polla ^^3rd char: stacks of account bound materials, mystic forge stones, account bound inscriptions/insignias,4th char: My librarian collects every readable text/book I pick up, also owns most outdated quest-items, several kiel/gnashblade buttons, I am still waiting for the bookshelf for our home-instance ^^


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My first 3 bags are just normal 20 slot ones (haven't gotten around to getting larger ones yet), then an Oiled Bag (junk items go in here first), then an Invisible bag.

What I keep in them varies, but on my main its:Bottom row of 1st bag: Treasure maps, Brandstone Multitool (tempoarily), food, sharpening stones, booster.Bottom row of Oiled bag: Hero's Band (yes I still keep it), Exalted Portal Stone, Birthday Blaster, 2 books I'm still working on completing.Invisible bag: Spare weapons, bits for the Lover precursor I'm working on.Shared slots: Quaggan tonic, kite, balloon, wooden pirate sword toy, Teleport to Friend, Revive Orbs, Bank/Merchant/TP express, repair canisters, Permanent Portable Provisioner, Silverwastes Shovels, HoT map potions, Lily of the Elon pass, Mystic Salvage Kit.

Inventory management is fairly straight forward:1) Deposit materials2) Scan though the items and drop anything I know I want to keep into my invisible bag3) Open TP, sort by price, sell everything I can4) Salvage anything I can't sell5) Deposit materials again6) Find a merchant to sell anything I can't TP/salvage

I don't add things to my bank very often, and yet I've manage to mostly fill 5 tabs.

  • The top tab is things I want to get rid of. Boosters, spare salvage kits, Late-Blooming Elon Lillies and Ancient Surveyor's Tools I need more of, refined crafting materials I miscounted and ended up with more than 250 of, and the Scelerite Karka Shell and Adventurer's Scarf which one day I will get around to upgrading.
  • Second tab is 'useful stuff': tools I use frequently like Mawdrey II and the other eaters, scrolls and tomes of knowledge, spare gathering tools, birthday dye packs.
  • Third tab is level 80 exotic/ascended equipment for alts. Either stuff with selectable stats or with stats I know I'll want.
  • Fourth tab is tokens like black lion ticket scraps, black lion statues, Crimson Assassin tokens etc., bits of items like the Gift of Battle, a Minstrel's Insignia (it's account bound and might be useful one day), 36 Mini Profession Mews I need the other stuff to upgrade, and tools which I don't use any more but might be useful like the Rift Stabilizer and Levi's Device.
  • Fifth tab is nostalgia items. A Celebration Hat I never upgraded from town clothes (I got two, because they were free and I was excited), a lovely Gift from Scarlet which something tells me I should not open, various books and tonics and a Name Change contract I got with HoT Ultimate Edition and don't want to use.
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I only have one character so the following organisation is based around that (ie I have no use for shared inv slots). I also have not bought any additional bag slots or bank space for that matter, so still have the starting capacity of 5 bags.

Two invisible bags at the top - first one containing all weapons, some additional trinkets, food (only one stack - bank contains additional stacks), etc and copper fed SoM, one Mystic Salvage kit and one BL salvage kit (bank contains more kits). Second contains things like wvw portable provisioner, ascended mat eaters, tonics, story trinkets (eg portal stones), and random things like birthday items, makeover kits etc.

Two random bag below that (currently using olmakhan bandolier and uncanny jar because they're free) empty for accumulating loot.

One oiled pack at the bottom to collect all junk items (because I hate it when junk clogs up invisible bag space).

Shared inv slots at the bottom (only have 2, can't remember how I got them - did they come free with expansions?) - containing BL ticket and a statuette currently.

General procedure is right click on SoM to salvage all blues/greens. Mystic for all yellows and rubbish exotics or ones with no good runes/sigils. BL kit for exotics with valuable upgrades. Generally this results in the three bottom bags getting filled with the rubbish - deposit what I can, vendor the junk/minor and major sigils/runes.

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For my nine mains, I've purchased three bag slots each. For my nine secondary characters, I've purchased one bag slot each.

For all 27 of my characters (plus four mules), I try to get them all to 20-slot packs. However, that's a long process, due to the expense (I don't seem to earn gold anywhere near the rate that other players earn it). So, 39 of their slots don't have 20-slot packs yet.

I have three 32-slot packs as well. But, those are SO expensive that I've shifted my purchases to more bag slots, rather than 32s.

On my 9 mains, I have at least one each of normal, equipment, oiled, craftsman, siegemaster, and invisible packs. They're in that order in the bag slots.

In total, I have 148 packs in use, totaling 2766 inventory slots (not counting shared).

I'm eventually shooting for six 20-slot (or more) packs of the six specialty pack types listed above for all my characters. I count things like fractal masterwork equipment packs as equipment packs.

I buy at least nine extra bag slot items every time they go on sale. Since I don't earn gold very fast, I always buy them with real money. (ANet, are you listening?)

In addition to not earning much gold (or, perhaps because of it - I'm a cheapskate), I don't buy infinite-use gathering tools. So, I have to store many more gathering tools. For several specific ones, I've noticed that I go through them a lot, so I keep spares in the shared inventory slots. (for example, tier 6 harvesting tools and all three tier 5 gathering tools.)

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All my characters use the same set-up. The things I keep with me permanently are at the bottom in an invisible bag. My shared slots are below that. All other bags are regular 20 slot bags. (Except for 1 character who uses the achievement reward 32 slot bag as the top bag (so its sorting function becomes unnoticeable) with an 18 slot bag replacing a 20 slot 1 so all rows are back to 10 slots.

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I have inventory management disorder; everything must go before I log off the game. I don't like seeing useless items in my inventory or bank. I delete all tonics/potions etc as I never use them.

I have 21 characters, 4 of which are mesmers, 1chronotank, 1offchrono, 1 mirage, 1 fractal chrono. and all their inventory more or less look like this; empty and clean.QU3io4F.jpg

This is my bank, I wish it was 0... I hate the portal scroll, once all my 21 characters have wp for those maps I will delete the portal tomes and lily of elon etc... they annoy me so much! and anet needs to release the final 4 legendary weapons so I can use up the 4 maguuma things.r1iFc0G.png

I can't stand cluttered inventories and banks, i look at some ppl's inventories and i wanna kill myself.

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