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Why Don't Silverwastes and Dry Top Have LFG Pages?

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So these two zones are entirely group-event driven, nigh on all the achievements require group events, so why are then no LFG pages for either?

Yes, I know it's 'legacy' content and that's the problem, especially with Silverwastes because it isn't timer-driven. I need several of the Legendary kills but they're RARE mobs to start with and in the last week given the lack of players doing this zone the map's barely had the forts in Pact's hands beyond level 1 so there's little to no time for these to spawn.

This is crying out for an LFG page, if the HoT zones have them both these pre-HoT ones do since they were the first non-soloable zones ANet put in the game.

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They are considered Core Tyria and I've had no trouble finding LFG entries for them, outside of some off-off-peak hours (when there are few LFG for anything).

I would like to see a massive overhaul of the current interface and I'd like to see ANet be able to adjust it dynamically as new content rolls out. There are too many empty entries, too many near-duplicates (mentoring and looking for help attract the same people, for example).

As a practical matter, if you're looking for SW/legendaries, join any RIBA map and go with the flow. Because of how people farm SW, these special mobs end up appearing fairly frequently.

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Gotta agree with Ill there, during peak hours you'll see at least 5 RIBA squads in the LFG. Some of these have great commanders who give specific instructions (at least on EU) to call out any Legendaries and wait for people to gather before killing them. Sadly the boss sometimes still gets annihilated in seconds, but you might get lucky.

Alternatively, you can join a RIBA and camp a single fort until the boss spawns, and then move on to the next. It can be a slooooow method (depending on luck), but it's a sure one. That's how I got my achievement; I camped those forts for two days straight.

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