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Gw2Setup-64.exe wont download

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Trying to reinstall the client after not playing for a few years.I click the download link on the site and click the 64 bit and the Gw2setup-64.exe fails every time. I have tried different browsers and restarted my pc a few different times.Has anyone else had this issue?


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Here's Gw2-64.exe direct from the patch server. Rename it to either Gw2-64.exe and place it wherever you want to install it, or rename it to Gw2Setup-64.exe to invoke the setup. If you can't download it, something's likely preventing you from downloading executables, so check any security software. You can verify your connection to the patch server here. If you can't connect to the patch server, ensure you didn't use an old hosts edit and flush your DNS or use Google's DNS.

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