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Most of my matches are blowouts


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I have this problem for the season where most of the matches I play are straight blowouts. I have only few matches where my team or the enemy team reaches over 300 points which is considered to be a winnable match. What are the changes anet made to matchmaking?

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@BikeIsGone.8675 said:Can we stop with the rigged MMR conspiracy theories already?Don't you think it could maybe have more to do with the high dmg meta (thief, mesmer, Holo, scourge, SB) and the heavy snowball-nature that comes with it?

Can we stop ignoring the obvious flaws in the current system?

But yes, I agree that damage is pretty insane right now. High power builds like warrior, chrono, and holo with high sustain are pretty ridiculous. I tried out the meta warrior build the other day knowing basically nothing about warrior and had people beating on me and my health was regenning like crazy. Even missing most of my attacks I was still hitting like a truck. Holo about the same but that takes a little more skill.

And chrono is just on steroids with the right build. Lol squishier though at least.

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